Hair is the flower of our health

It all starts with what we eat! Ayurveda emphasizes healthy food, as the quality of the nourishment received by the organs and bone tissues is determined by the agni (the digestive fire). So, according to Ayurveda, the health of our hair also begins with the quality of food we eat and our digestive strength. The hair is also directly connected to the nervous system and the gut, so if the health of any of these tissues deteriorates, the hair is likely to be affected. Ayurveda has a unique and practical approach to hair health, when followed the rules of Ayurveda, it can help support in optimizing your hair’s strength, abundance, luster, and shine.

Natural external treatments for hair – Apply Oil to the Scalp and Hair once a week as it nourishes the cells, promotes hair growth and rejuvenates dry hair. Massaging the hair also detoxifies the scalp and hydrates the hair.

Amla is miraculous for hair health. It removes excess heat from the head and also helps in maintaining luster and color along with preventing excess hair loss. Amla also helps in improving the digestive fire which supports hair health.

Amla powder can also be used as a natural hair mask –

3 ounces water or yogurt (for a more conditioning effect)

After the application of the mask, please cover it with a shower cap to keep the paste from drying. Wash in 30 mins with lukewarm water.

Excessive heat – It is important to be mindful of the usage of excessive heat from repeated ironing, blow drying, or even excessively hot showers as it can take away natural oils, dry out hair, damage it, and overheat the scalp, damaging hair follicles. Avoid frequent washing of your hair and try to use natural shampoos, conditioners, coloring agents, and styling products.

Stress for hair –  The cascade of hormones released when we are under stress can play a remarkably important role in the health of our hair, especially when it becomes excessive it starts to steal nutrition from many of our tissues (including bone tissues) which sends our body into a cycle of depletion. When bone health is compromised, and struggles to meet the nutrition needs, the hair suffers invariably. One could also use our StressAssist for stress management and here are some additional natural ways to manage stress.

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