Is pollen a problem for you?

‘Tis the season … for sneezin’! We all look forward to spring and opening our windows for fresh air and cleaning. But as plants and flowers start to bloom and pollinate, we find ourselves spelling the discomfort caused by pollen and seasonal irritants in the air. Here are some natural ways to keep the feelings of easy breathing.

Neti pot: We recommend using neti pot everyday or even twice a day, with a weak saline solution and distilled water, to loosen up the heaviness of kapha and create easy breathing. 

Nasya: A little bit of sesame oil spiked with eucalyptus or camphor in each nostril about an hour after using your neti pot. 

Diet: Keep a clean and light diet that will keep the digestive fire alive and keep eliminating all the toxins from the body. Eat light and cooked food that is easy to digest. Avoid cold foods and drinks along with dairy and sugar. 

Exercise and Breath work: Daily pranayama and regular workouts help in reducing the ama (accumulated toxins) in the body. Breathing exercises like alternate nostril breathing play a major role in clearing the nasal passages. here is how you can do it – sit or stand with your spine in alignment. Take a deep breath through one nostril at a time and exhaling through the other one. Alternate and repeat.

You can also look into natural and herbal support or supplements that promote clear and easy breathing during the seasonal transitions. 




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